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Welcome to the Cryo Body Works Cryotherapy Blog in Austin Texas. We offer leading cryotherapy information and success stories that will help you understand the benefits of cryotherapy and our programs. So you want to be a better and healthier human? You want to live longer and happier? Perhaps you are suffering from pain, have an injury, or are looking for top athletic performance. When it comes to cryotherapy in Austin Texas we can help show you how powerful our recovery treatments are in a way that you will not find anywhere else. We are trusted and recommended by doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, olympic and professional athletes and much more. In this blog you will see first hand how Cryo Body Works by utilizing cryotherapy and other treatments are changing the way we live and stay healthy.


Whole body cryotherapy and beyond



Are you ready to experience the benefits of cryotherapy? Since opening in 2014 Cryo Body Works has completed over 30,000 cryotherapy sessions. While jumping into cold temperatures is a very old practice we are revolutionizing how we use it as a modern society. We’re grateful to have a much more tolerable and convenient way to achieve similar benefits to what you’ll find in a polar bear club swim in freezing water. Now, with just three minutes of your life exposing your almost naked body to a freezing -240 degrees Fahrenheit vapor to stimulate accelerated pain relieving recovery is merely the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll experience. It’s more than just a bodily sensation, it’s a full fledged mental physical and some might say an emotional experience that can help steer you towards faster healing, a massive decrease in inflammation throughout your body, decreasing pain, and increasing range of motion. Here at Cryo Body Works Cryotherapy of Austin we will guide you throughout the session to safely reach all the potential benefits for athletes and everyday people.


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